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Thaler Line 8000 Cable Winch

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Line 8000 between 15,000 and 20,000 daN Pulling Force with up to 1,400m Rope Length

This Thaler Cable Capstan Winch range impresses due to its compact construction in combination with a high pulling force. With the range consisting of between 1 to 20 ton of pulling force available. The machine is representing the latest modern technical standard in the field of hydraulic cable pulling winches built in accordance with the regulations of the cable industry. It is constructed under strict compliance with the EC machinery directive and is CE marked.


Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
         Double capstan system, both capstan heads are driven         Other measuring systems like TM 3001
         Hydrostatic drive         Printer for the electronic measuring system TM 3000 /1
        Petrol or diesel engine         Petrol, diesel or electric engine
        500 m usable rope length, bigger rope lengths upon request         Remote control by cable or radio transmission
        Drum capacity for bigger rope lengths         Height adjustable drawbar, with ring eye and ball coupling
   KE-SP 80150, max. rope length up to 1400 m, D=18 mm         Winch on basic frame for mounting on trucks
   KE-SP 80200, max. rope length up to 1200 m, D=22 mm         Biodegradable hydraulic oil
        Automatic rope guidance to the drum         Deflection boom
        Pulling force control by electronic measuring system with USB port and stick –                         SYSTEM TM 3000®
        Single-axle chassis with overrunning brake, straight drawbar, ball coupling and                         jockey wheel
        Lockable steel sheet hood with central crane hook
        Painting: RAL 5015 (blue)


If you are interested in the Thaler Cable Capstan Winches then please download, complete and send back the below application check list with all your requirements.

Application Check List – Winches


KE-SP 80150 KE-SP 80200
Pulling Force 15,000 daN 20,000 daN
Rope Length 500 m (max 1400 m) 500 m (max 1200 m)
Rope Diameter 18 mm 22 mm
Max Rope Speed 0 – 30 m/min 0 – 30 m/min
Drive Hydraulic Hydraulic
Drive Motor
Diesel, 4-Cylinder
42 kW
Diesel, 4-Cylinder
42 kW
Motor Cooling System Water Water
Chassis Tandem Axle Tandem Axle
Chassis Brake System Air Pressure Brake System With ABS Air Pressure Brake System With ABS
Dimensions L x W x H
6050 x 2550 x 2100 mm
Weight With 500 m Rope Ca. 8.050 kg Ca. 8.150 kg


  • Acclaim Accreditation

  • Achilles UVDB Verified

  • Constructionline Gold

  • SSIP