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Ancillary Moling Equipment

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Standard / Laser Optical Sights

The lightweight yet robust optical sights combined with laser provide crucial accurate alignment of the impact mole prior to commencement of moling operations. The telescopic optical sights can be adjusted to suit many job site conditions and ensure the vertical and horizontal alignment of the impact mole.

Safety Launchers c/w Pins

Steel frame with adjustments for both vertical and horizontal alignment of the impact mole. Various sizes of launcher are available for the range of mole diameters available. Integrates holes in the base for securing launcher into ground using pins.


Deliver regular lubrication by injecting oil directly into the air stream to protect longevity of your impact mole. The lubricators also have the capability of adjusting the flow of oil while in use. A variety of sizes are available to suit the diameter of impact mole being operated.


Expanders are used for enlarging the hole after the initial bore is made. The expander is designed for use with a pulling attachment and a steel cable. Additionally it must be aided with pulling equipment to assure sustained tension on the cable.

Air Hoses

Wire reinforced air hoses with abrasion resistant cover and options of either quick release or threaded couplings. A variety of sizes are available to suit the diameter of impact mole being operated.

Mole & Antifreeze Mole Oil

Both forms of oil available can be used with all pneumatic impact moles. They are rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibited and will provide protection even in the presence of seawater. Excellent anti-wear and EP properties provide protection against wear in the most demanding of systems.

Ranging Rod

Sectional tubular steel ranging rod. Tube cross-section 24 x 0.8mm. PVC coating. The poles simply push into each other making a total length of 2.15m.


Self threading cutting teeth attach PE Pipe to the air hose or pneumatic mole so that the length of pipe can be pulled back in. Mandrels are available with wither quick release or threaded couplings.

Dielectric Gloves and Boots

A range of PPE is available for increased protection in the event of an accidental strike. Fully insulating electrical gloves and boots have a shelf life of 6 months, at which time they need to be replaced.


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