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Five hydraulic rod pusher/puller models cover a wide range of underground crossing requirements: Including installing new utility lines and replacing existing lines.

These compact machines install new underground utilities by pushing steel rods under roadways, etc. and pulling the required pipe or cable back; and they can replace existing lines by pulling pipe splitting and/or bursting tools through the old pipe and pulling a new pipe into the same space. The new pipe can be the same size or larger than the old pipe.

One person can operate these machines. It has two hydraulic cylinders controlled by one valve, which puts the operator in control of the machine and his/her own safety. The cylinders actuate the patented jaw system that grips the push rods. Because the centerlines of the cylinders producing the force and the rods being pushed are on the same plane, the machine introduces no bending forces. A pressure gauge gives the operator constant feedback on the amount of force being used. Standard products include hydraulic rod pusher/puller machines (pipe pushers), portable hydraulic power units and related equipment.

  • Compact Size
  • Cost Effective
  • Minimum Setup Required
  • Finance Available


1425 1825 1915 2020 7000
Pushing Force 20 tons @ 3000 psi 34 tons @ 3000 psi 44.5 tons @ 2500 psi 44.5 tons @ 2500 psi 45 tons @ 3000 psi
Pulling Force 15 tons @ 3000 psi 27.5 tons @ 3000 psi 37.5 tons @ 2500 psi 37.5 tons @ 2500 psi 53.5 tons @ 3000 psi
Puller Weight 180 kg 278 kg 450 kg 580 kg 1360 kg
Puller Dimensions 460 (w) x 305 (h) x 1220 (l) mm 60 (w) x 460 (h) x 1320 (l) mm 510 (w) x 460 (h) x 1650 (l) mm 510 (w) x 610 (h) x 2180 (l) mm 812 (w) x 635 (h) x 3350 (l) mm
Max Pipe dia Burst 150mm 250mm 305mm 305mm 355mm