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Microtunnelling Systems

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mts Perforator designs, manufactures and maintains tunnelling technology for trenchless installations using the Microtunnelling method with diameters from ID 200 up to ID 3000 and/or TBM segmental lining method from ID 2400 up to ID 3000. The products unique features offer customers new application options for every project. The complete systems deliver efficient performance and compatibility between the individual components.

AugerPro Systems
The economic option for soft ground

The mts Perforator AugerPro system is an economic microtunnelling solution for soft soil (sand, silt, clay) without boulders and with a very low groundwater level. It is suitable for small to medium diameters, and short to medium jacking lengths. The excavated soil is transported via Auger train to the start shaft; a spoil treatment is not necessary. The pipes are pushed in directly after the cutter head. The machine is easily operated from the control container on the surface. We can achieve a very high level of accuracy as a result of our laser-based guidance system.

Slurry Systems
The reliable solution for all ground conditions

A slurry conveyance system is essential in difficult soil with high ground water levels. It is suitable for very long distances and large diameters. In the cutter head, the excavated spoil is mixed with water and then transported to the surface, where water and spoil are separated again; the water then remains in the slurry circle. Our unique cutter heads can operate in four different modes depending on the ground condition.

Hard Rock Systems
When it gets tough

Our hard rock systems can be used in fractured and unfractured rock. In stable ground conditions, the machine is equipped with a gripper station to grip against the tunnel wall to move forward. In fractured rock, the unstable tunnel wall is supported by pipes or segments.

EPB Systems
Earth pressure balance shields

All non-stable grounds require a support pressure to balance the earth pressure that is acting on the cutter disc. The excavated soil accumulates in the excavation chamber and, together with the driving force of the machine, builds the support pressure. The spoil is transported out of the excavation chamber by a screw conveyor and is then brought to the launching shaft by conveyor belts or lorries.