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Cable Pipe Bursters

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TRIC Tools Inc. invented the first sewer lateral pipe bursting system in 1996, opening the market for trenchless home sewer replacement.

TRIC’s lightweight compact design means that the equipment can be used where conventional pipe bursters just cannot fit. Small enough to be used in manholes and having the power to deliver without the need to dismantle and re-assemble making these tools the first choice for confined space working as well as large diameter projects.

  • Strength & Reliability
  • Safer Working Environment
  • Minimum Setup Required
  • Finance Available


V24 X30 M50 M100
Pulling Force 24 tons @ 2500 psi 29.5 tons @ 6000 psi 48 tons @ 5000 psi 98 tons @ 5000 psi
Puller Weight 104 kg 36 kg 61 kg 172 kg
Puller Dimensions 651 x 432 x 514mm 191 x 245 x 762mm 229 x 245 x 965mm 254 x 356 x 1041mm
Max Pipe dia Burst 150mm 150mm 250mm 450mm